We are a family that loves Halloween. Halloween as a very important place for us. We talk about it on a daily basis and we share our love for Halloween by working on our display all year long.

Our interest for Halloween started in 2006, when my wife and I bought a house. Because we were in our house, we could then decorate it for Halloween the way we wanted to.

Our first haunt was completely commercial, everything on the yard was bought from Walmart. Then the second year, we got the idea of building a cemetery. We then bought some foam tombstones to add to our haunt. We decided that each year we would add some more tombstones until we fill our yard with them.

In 2008 we decided to build our first prop, a full size toe-pincher coffin. We searched the web for plans and found there was a lot of people doing very cool things for Halloween all by themselves. They gave us the inspiration and a purpose: we wanted to be one of those very good Yard Haunters.

Since 2008, we are building props. Most of them are very simple but we are proud of my work and we believe we will get better as we gain experience.

If you have questions about our props or haunt, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer them.

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