Gothic Toe Pincher Coffin

Cost: 100$
Time to build: 10 hours

Materials you will need

  • 4 - 8' x 6' lauan plywood sheet
  • 10 - 12' x 1" thickness wood beam (I bought a 12' x 10' pine plank that I cut to 12' x 1" stripes)
  • 1 - 8' x 2" pine moulding (for the cross)
  • 2 bottle - Carpenter's wood glue
  • 1 pack - 1/2" finishing nails
  • 1 pack - 1" finishing nails
  • 1 pack - Wood filler
  • 1 quart - Black gloss paint (I used Tremclad rust paint)
  • 1 quart - White gloss paint (I used Tremclad rust paint)

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Tools you will need

  • Mitre saw
  • Olfa knife
  • Electric or pneumatic finish nailer
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler

The plan

Step 1 - Cutting the pieces of the frame

Based on the plan above, cut the pieces described in the table below from the 12'x1' wood beams.

Piece Qty Length Left angle Right angle
A 2 75'-1/2" 90° 90°
B 4 17" 90° 10° and 14°
C 4 17" 49° 49°
D 4 24" 53° 53°
E 8 18" 76° 53°
F 8 59" 49° 80°
G 18 22" 90° 90°

Step 2 - Assemble the coffin base and lid frame

Assemble the coffin base based on the plan above using:

  • 1 piece A
  • 2 pieces B
  • 1 piece C
  • 1 piece D
  • 2 pieces E
  • 2 pieces F

Use carpenter's glue and 1" finishing nails to assemble the pieces together. Repeat this step to assemble the coffin lid. Adjust the coffin base and lid so they are perfectly identical.

Step 3 - Solidify the coffin base and lid by covering them with lowan plywood.

  1. Put the coffin base over one lowan plywood sheet and using a pencil draw the outline of it.
  2. Using the Olfa knife, carefully cut the outline you draw on the lowan plywood.
  3. Cut 3 other lowan plywood sheets in order to have 4 coffin covering parts.
  4. Using carpenter's glue and 1/2" finishing nails, glue and nail one lowan covering part on each face of the coffin base. Do the same to the coffin lid.

Step 4 - Assemble the coffin sides

  1. Assemble the longest part of the right side of the coffin by gluing and nailing:

    • 2 pieces F and
    • 4 pieces G

    Make sure to space the 4 G pieces equally accross the length of the F piece. Repeat this process to build the first part of the right side of the coffin.

  2. Assemble the shortest part of the right side of the coffin by gluing and nailing:

    • 2 pieces E
    • 2 pieces G
  3. Assemble the bottom side of the coffin by gluing and nailing:

    • 2 pieces C
    • 3 pieces G
  4. Assemble the top side of the coffin by gluing and nailing:

    • 2 pieces D
    • 3 pieces G
  5. Place every parts of the coffin sides on the coffin base assembled at step 2 and 3. Glue and nail them together.

Step 5 - Cover the frame of the coffin

  1. Cover the interior sides covering parts of the coffin by carefully measuring and cutting the lowan plywood sheets.
  2. Do the same for the exterior sides covering parts of the coffing making sure to measure the height of your covering pieces starting from the ground to the top of the sides.

Step 6 - Finish the coffin

  1. Using wood filler, fill all gaps and cracks on the coffin.
  2. Sand the surface of the coffin to remove any imperfections.
  3. Paint the coffin and its lid with black gloss paint.

Step 7 - Build the cross that goes on the lid

  1. Cut the 8' x 2" pine moulding in four parts of the length specified below. Make sure that one end of each piece ends in a point.

    • 1 piece of X"
    • 1 piece of X"
    • 2 pieces of X"
  2. Assemble and glue together the 4 pieces of the cross.
  3. Paint the cross with white gloss paint.
  4. Glue and nail the cross on the unpainted area of the coffin lid.
  5. Fix the lid to the coffin with door hinge if you like.

Step 8 - Enjoy

Enjoy your hard work. I hope you will find this tutorial useful. People in my neighbor really enjoyed this addition to my modest graveyard haunt and my coffin will be part of my haunt for many years to come.


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